Quaeritur Legal

Our Team

Mamta Jain

Winner of Kalpana Chawla Memorial Award in 2013, Mamta is pursuing Baccalaureates of Law at National Law University, Odisha. She has exceptional skills in ADR and management, and currently heads the content team at Before the Court.

Shadab Ali

The man with words. With his impressive communication skills, Shadab tends to grab everyone’s attention.This grasp is a mixture of Theatre, Music and winning competitions like speeches,debates and other oratory activities. Apart from other start-ups such as Candidknots, he is now working with Quaeritur Legal.

Samyak Dhoke

An avid reader with a keen sense of politics, Samyak is currently pursuing Law at National Law University, Odisha. He roots for the voiceless and has a keen interest in Humanitarian Law, Politics and International Relations. He manages to mesmerize everyone with his photographs every one of which has a story to tell

Arpita Tripathi

A very simple person, Arpita Tripathi is always serious and responsible about anything she does. She is presntly studying at  National  Law UNiversity Odisha and aims at clearing Judiciary services examination. She believes hardwork and dedication are the pillars of success. A very warm hearted person, she will always be there to help you with anything. She has keen interest in family law, she has worked with NGOs and government organizations in providing legal aid to marginalized section of society and currently working as a part of NLUO Legal Aid Society.

Manogna Mattam

Matam Manogna is often found immersed in the realms of words and colours. A passionate badminton player and a bathroom singer, she dreams to build a model school that would impart to its students a perfect combination of knowledge, competence and character. She yearns to contribute to the society and perceives "policy" to be one of the tools responsible for shaping of the same. Her post college plans focus on garnering experience in the field of policy making.

Shesha Karthik

Having a soft corner for animals, Sheshu is an Animal rights activist and has worked with NGO’s and Government organization in rescuing and rehabilitation of animals. He has an experience in criminal procedure and is actively engaged in litigation. He has a unique story for every situation, and every conversation you have with him will be nothing like the one before.

Nishita Agarwal

Nishita is currently pursuing law at National Law University Odisha and has keen interest in corporate law. Nishita is a high spirited, workaholic extrovert. She loves reading thrillers and mystery novels

Anmol Barukha

Anmol Bharuka is a student of National Law University Odisha with a keen interest in constitutional law and is currently exploring criminal and civil laws. One true optimist at heart, she does not want to find solace and meaning of life in the mountains, but seeks it right in the eye of the storm where the shrill chaos and anxiety help her break the next glass ceiling.

Shubham Bharti

Shubham Bharti, a student of National Law University. A good writer, excellent sportsperson and a hard working student, all rolled into one. He also evolves in culture program also. If you are looking for help of any kind, Shubham will always be ready to help you in anyway.

Siddesh Biyani

Siddesh, apart from being a Corporate Law aspirant, finds his interest towards Entrepreneurship. He is an ardent believer of Out of the Box thinking. He likes reading thought provoking books and articles which help him enhance his acumen in his areas of interests. Smart work and perseverance has always been his tenet.

Akash Srinivasan

Akash Srinivasan, currently a student at National Law University Odisha, Cuttack, is an aspiring corporate lawyer. A former national level junior-amateur golfer, and a sports enthusiast, Akash takes keen interest in reading and learning about Economics, Behaviour, Psychology, and Entrepreneurship.

Shubham Choudhary

A business management student with a vision to open unique food joint chain in India has Interest. Plans to establish a chain of food restaurant . Keen to work with some of the intelligent minds and to take this firm to pinnacle. Business  management student. Participated in events like INSIGHT, LFW. Working with NGO named MUQTAANGAM and an active member of ROTRACT CLUB,PUNE. Contributed in several welfare programmes a polio drops mission, happy streets.

Abhishek Kumar


Abhishek has always been a dreamer. He believes that hard work and dedication are answers to any problem one faces in one’s life. Keeping in mind the need for a platform to bring legal debates into the public sphere and the need to increase awareness among the people, Abhishek conceptualized and put into motion the primary project of the company, Before the Court.